Homophobia Hullabalo Essay

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There are many homosexuals throughout the world. They are apart of our lives. Homosexuals are normal human beings. They eat, sleep, drink, and so on. The only thing they do is have an attraction to the same sex. Today, this is a big problem for many people. Those people who have a problem usually try to come up with ways to get rid of homosexuals by threatening them, verbally and physically harassing them and even killing them. The homosexual community only reacts by growing larger and larger. It is quite impossible for homophobic people to prevent homosexuality from happening. But why do they do it? Why must these innocent homosexual people be abused? Did they do something wrong? “There are worse things to worry about,” says Abel Gallegos, “there are people being robbed, drugs being transported, and children being abducted. Why should people like you and me, who only like the opposite sex, interfere with our lives. It’s not even a big deal.” Someday, gay people will be accepted as apart of the world, just as how black people became accepted. Black people fought for their rights, and they have won their chance to be appreciated. Now Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered people are working hard to be noticed as normal people who shouldn’t have a need to be judged for what sex they like or how they dress or how they act. It is time that everyone learns to accept these blameless people, and know that it is okay to be gay. Lets kick out “homophobia” from the dictionary and put an end to all

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