Homicide Topic Essay

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The topic that I would like to do would be murder in inner cities, specifically within the city of Philadelphia. I would like to zone in specifically on the black community and how violence, especially murder plays a huge part in their communities. I’ll be looking at mostly black males 18 years and younger. It seems that black males living in within inner cities that are at least 18 years of age or younger are participating in the most murders than any other race and gender. Some data sources that I plan on using for my research paper would be of course our class textbook, the Bureau of Justice website, and UCR reports from either online or from the class textbook. Some problems that I may face when trying to gather information for my research paper would be trying to gather the right information. When I say that I mean getting information that focus’s especially on black 18 year olds or younger in Philadelphia. Information may vary within each website or each information in the textbook. To get some information for my project I will combine my information with all my sources if they turn out to be the same. I will also be comparing and contrasting my information that I find with my other sources as well. For my paper I will compare my information with each website and the information from the book, like I stated before. I will probably compare the numbers of murders each year of African Americans within Philadelphia and Chicago. I will also compare the number of murders between the males as well within the cities of Philly and Chicago. I will also compare the ages of the murders too. My research question would be why do people murder other people at such a young age? Is it because it is gang related or is it because they’re doing it for survival? My other question would be which part of Philadelphia has the most murders in it and

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