Homicide Detective Essay

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Samantha Torres Professor Kuiters Criminal Justice 28 April 2014 Homicide Detective “Historians say that homicide rates were extraordinarily high in Europe during the Middle Ages and high in the United States during the early 19th century. Then the rates declined steadily until the 1960's. And for centuries, it was villages that were often the scenes of violence. These findings, published in recent papers and presented at the annual conference of the Social Science History Association here, contradict a basic tenet of criminology, that violence is endemic to densely packed urban and industrial centers where traditional social ties and values necessarily break down” (Butterfield, 1). When people hear the word detective, they automatically assume that all detectives do the same type of job title. But that assumption is practically wrong depending on how it is looked. Wherever a person is established, it depends on the city. It depends on how big or how small the city is. And in most large cities, they have enough crime to allow detectives to develop specific expertise in certain crime solving and bringing the criminal to court. For example, the town that I live in, Elmwood Park, NJ, they do not have a homicide department. What the Elmwood Park police department does have is a criminal investigators unit. This unit has individuals that investigate. These individuals are called criminal investigators. A criminal investigator is a law enforcement professional who attempts to solve crimes, identify and detain suspects, and prevent future instances of criminal activity. These investigators may work alone or in investigative teams to uncover facts about a case. An investigator may specialize in analyzing evidence and information from a crime scene conducting interviews and searches, or performing surveillance. Depending on a person's specialty, the
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