Homework Is Helpful

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Homework is Helpful Kimberly Ann M. Aquino Homework can be a hassle, stressful and time consuming. Most of the time there are a lot of things wanted to be done rather than just doing homework, like watching TV or surfing the internet. Who would not want to spend the afternoon after school just relaxing and not do homework? This might be the case, but homework is very helpful for students. Homework improves academic achievement, helps develop time management skills, encourages parental involvement and it reinforces what the students learned from their homework. Homework is very helpful. It helps the students improve their academic performance in school. Many students including myself find homework very useful in terms of cultivating my academic standing. In fact when teachers provide regular weekly homework it allows students to get a better understanding of the topic issued in class. When students fully grasp the topic in the homework they are more likely to participate in oral discussion during class. Students will have the confidence to raise their hands up in class when they have done their homework as opposed to those who have not. Homework can also be used as a form of reviewer for upcoming test or exams. This is helpful for students because most teachers would reflect on the homework for test or exam questions. This will show if a student has done his or her homework and will receive a rewarding mark as an outcome of his or her hard work. Homework allows students to be active in class and it improves the student’s academic achievement which is why homework is very helpful. Another reason that can contribute as to why homework is helpful is because it develops time management skills that are beneficial factor for a student growing up. It is an educational way of teaching students how to manage
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