Homework Assignment On The Vietnam War

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Cold War Homework Assignment #2 “A president who is burdened with a failed and unpopular war [Vietnam], and who has lost the trust of the country, simply can no longer govern. He is destined to become as much as a failure as his war” (Glenn Greenwald). The Vietnam War lasted for fourteen years and spanned over four presidents: Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. The United States’ failed attempt to contain communism by fighting on the cheap, with lack of the quantity of troops, and with the help of news reporters, led to the distorted view of the war that still remains with many Americans today. The Vietnam War, like Korea, was between north and south; Northern Vietnam was communist and supported by Russia and China, Southern Vietnam was capitalist and supported by the U.S. The United States had perceived the notion that to fight the war we would use only small, highly elite, forces against an unfavorable number of the opposing enemy. Yes, we did win every major battle, but things would have been much simpler if we had mobilized more troops. Our attempt to contain communism provided to be futile. Once all of the American were pulled out of Vietnam in 1975 under Ford, Northern Vietnam defeated Southern Vietnam and the entire country was…show more content…
News reporters portrayed the war as evil and something that should be hated. The only things about the war that were broadcasted were of soldiers killing what looked like to be civilians and terrorizing innocent Vietnamese and of U.S. forces suffering defeat to Northern Vietnam. And since colored T.V. had just came out, people were not used to viewing colored blood and gore on their television screens; it just freaked people out. With Americans having only been given one perspective on the war, many felt that the soldiers were to blame for everything. When returning home from war, they were greeted with hostility and unkind names like “Baby
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