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Richard Barrett & Associates Chapter 23 and The Values Center website at www.valuescenter.com 1. How is Cultural Capital defined? Cultural Capital is the value attached to the collective mental programming of the organization that supports its relationships with its employees, customers and society. 2. What percentage of shareholder value is based on intangibles such as cultural capital? Cultural Capital makes a significant contribution to an organizations market value (between 60 and 85%) 3. What is the Seven Levels of Organizational Consciousness, and how does it relate to Maslow’s Need Hierarchy? According to Barrett, does an organization have to satisfy the lower levels of consciousness before it can move to the higher levels? The Seven Levels of Organizational Consciousness is a model that substitutes the levels of consciousness for hierarchy of needs and gives more definition and depth to the spiritual motivations that Maslow refers to as self-actualization. The Seven Levels of Organizational Consciousness model is an expansion and extension of the work of Abraham Maslow. 4. What is Full-Spectrum (Organizational) Consciousness? How does this relate to an organization’s performance? Full Spectrum Consciousness is when an organization has a high degree of values alignment and operates at all Seven Levels of Organizational Consciousness. 5. What is Cultural Entropy? Does the organization depicted below have a cultural entropy problem? Why or why not? Cultural Entropy is the amount of energy in an organization that is consumed in unproductive work. It is a measure of the conflict, friction and frustration that exists in an organization. Yes the company below has a cultural entropy problem. | | | | | | | | | | |

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