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Although homework has many benefits to education, there are many existing reasons that homework should be curtailed by school systems. In an age of standardized tests there is an extra push by teachers to incorporate increased amounts of homework; however, the consequences of those choices about homework must be considered. Family Time One place where a price is paid for homework is family interaction. There is much less time for families to just be home and be together. It is common for each member of the family to go to their respective rooms and for there to hardly be any conversation or interaction. Freeing a child from homework at least a couple times per week can actually enhance family interaction and relationships. Sleep An unfortunate victim to homework can be a full eight or more hours of sleep, especially for high school students. There is a tendency for high school students to not tackle homework until later in the evening after they have finished activities and jobs. It may mean a student stays up until midnight or later completing the homework. The result is a tired student the following day who may not be as alert or as interested in learning while in the presence of a teacher, which is the most valuable learning time. Although this commonly affects high school students, elementary students are frequently seen staying up past an appropriate bedtime just to complete homework. Desire to Learn Assigning too much homework can result in a student finding education to be a less enjoyable prospect. In order to be receptive to content, students also need some escape time. It doesn't matter what the excess is whether it is homework or basketball practice. When it becomes too much, the student burns out and enjoys it less and less. Providing students with some down time without pushing homework can create a student that is more receptive to

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