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Stop giving us so much homework it is not useful for us because it makes us stress and panic, also it makes us confused on which homework to do first. Teachers don’t understand us that when we don’t do our homework it’s not because of our dog ate our homework, it’s because we have extra activities that we wish to do, and besides that isn’t 6 hours of school enough for teachers? Giving out homework is just a satisfaction for teachers as it is just a repeat of everything we have done in lesson, so therefore the time we spend doing it is just a waste because the teacher recaps everything we had done in the previous lesson anyway, so why waste our time as well as yours? Speaking about time, time is something very precious, as we spend majority of it doing our homework, which causes us to have less time to spend with our friends and family. Is homework supposed to be more important than family and friends? In school we just sit around listening to the teacher, we don’t actually do no physical activity so it just makes us feel drained out, so by the time we go home majority of us are physically exhausted and mentally tired, this is because we just sit on chairs and listen to what the teacher tells us to do. Secondly because of being up to late we don’t get enough sleep because we have to finish all our homework. As well as making us hate teachers and skip lessons, it makes us less enthusiastic about the subject. Do you like your lessons being a bore? Pressuring us and making it hard for us to cope makes us fail important subjects; do you want to be responsible? No homework means no planning and no marking, which makes your life a lot easier, majority of the time detentions are given out because of homework, so if there’s no homework, there’s no detentions, and if there’s no detention then you can go home and so can we. You were once kids too, so how can you be

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