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The Great Homework Excuse As a mother, we hear a barrage of excuses from our children. My son, Bucky, was the champion of them all. One day in particular, I remember his seventh grade English teacher telephoned me to say my son was failing his English class. He had failed to turn in a paper that counted as one half of his grade for that term. That evening I confronted Bucky about this issue and this is the tale he weaved. “Mom” Bucky said, “You see I started the report, but then I had to stop to do my chores. Then I started it again and the phone rang. I just had to answer it, because I am hoping Kendra will call me. You know I like her. Then after I got off the phone it was supper time; I know how you hate us to miss sitting at the table together. After supper I started the paper again, but I couldn’t keep my train of thought because it was my usual Nintendo time. I promise I didn’t play long, but then it was so hard to concentrate on that paper. Well, that caused me to be up way too late. I am sorry for breaking the rules, but I had to get it done. After figuring out how to stay up without you knowing it was even later, but I got right to work and got it finished. Well I was up so late that when you woke me I fell back to sleep and that made me miss breakfast; remember? So while on the bus I decided to eat breakfast at school. Not wanting to get anything on my paper I decided to put it in my locker. When I got to the breakfast line, it was so long I thought I was going to pass out waiting. Feeling weak from eating so late, I went straight to class thinking that I would turn it in the next day. After all we had plenty of time to work on it. When I got to school the next day and opened my locker; I was so mad. A rat had gotten in my locker and chewed up my paper. So before I could turn it in I had to rewrite it. I planned to redo it that night, but I had too

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