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03/26/14 Hometowns Many people who are from my native country, Peru, say that the United States is best at everything; but if they would ask me, I wouldn’t agree with their answer. Because I moved to this country, I left some of my family like my sister and friends, but I also started to meet new people, new friends and a big family that I’ve never spent time with. Therefore, I can say that Peru and The United states are my hometowns. But In which country do I really feel more comfortable? Even though people say that the United States is the best place to live, I would prefer Peru because of the major differences and similarities they have First difference between Peru and the United States is the seasons of the year. Peru is located in the middle of the America continent while the US is at the north, which causes a serious changes of weather that I don’t like. I really like how my hometown, Peru, has most time of the year a hot and fresh summer, which make me able to go the beaches more frequently than I do here. I could spent every weekend at a swimming pool outdoors without worrying about the rain of the coldness. On the other hand, The United States has summer, spring, fall and the worst for me, winter. When the spring approaches, I suffer from allergies that make me feel uncomfortable, and therefore I have to take medicine which I don’t like. Lastly, winter is the weather I hate the most because it is too cold to spent time outside or the fact I have wear jackets that make me feel like a bear. If we are talking about the climate of my hometowns, I would definitely prefer Peru. Another difference between Peru and the United States is their national food. Peru is a country that is rich on their national dish. For example, there are more than three thousand different types of potatoes and hot spices that I enjoy tasting. I didn’t know how much I would miss

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