Homesaver Chimney Liners vs Ventnox

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Homesaver Chimney Liners VS Ventnox Chimney Liners Matthew Yowell ENG 121 English Composition Instructor: Laloni Christenson December 3, 2011 There are many different types of manufactures in the chimney lining field. When making the decision to purchase the materials required, it is essential that you choose the right brand. Deciding to go with the cheapest is not always correct. You need to get the best quality liner, since if it fails you stand to lose a lot. The two we will be comparing today are Homesaver brand chimney liners and Ventnox brand chimney liners. The Homesaver product is made out of stainless steel with 5% titanium alloys formed in the liner. The price per foot of a basic six inch lining system is 13 dollars. The warranty for the system is lifetime, unless you sell the house that it is installed in. Then it transfers over for two years and then becomes void. The National Chimney Service of America recognizes there product as being up to date on all fire and safety codes. The Homesaver brand has very high remarks for the durability and installation of its product. It is rated to withstand, up to three chimney fires, due to improper service. The pipe has been made to be very flexible. It is made this way so that it can be maneuvered around any offsets that are in the chimney, or any other obstructions. There are quite a few complaints about there customer service when using their warranty. The Ventnox brand lining system is made out of stainless steel with 2% titanium alloys that are formed in the liner. The price per foot of a basic six inch liner is 11 dollars. The warranty for this lining system is also lifetime, but with a few stipulations. Once installed, if the system is not serviced by a licensed chimney inspector once per year, you will immediately lose

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