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Homeostasis Every organ that is in our body is involved with homeostasis. It is the technical term of the process of maintaining a constant internal environment even though there may be external changes occurring. In our bodies, homeostasis happens because the body regulates body temperature in an effort to maintain our internal body temperature which about 98.6 degrees. The Homeostasis regulation is controlled by both the nervous and endocrine systems. The process of the homeostasis is that it runs through a path which involves the detector, the control centre and the effectors. The internal or external information which is from the environment gets picked up from the receptor, and it gets sent to the control centre. The control centre examines all the information and decides what actions need to be taken. It then sends out the signals to the effectors to then process the decisions. Without having the process of homeostasis the body would not be able to function the right way. Negative feedback and Positive feedback is the two categories that homeostasis can be slip up into. Negative feedback process the control centre will send off signal to decrease the intensity of the original stimulus. The brain and nervous system play a very important role when controlling the homeostasis mechanics, and they help to predict when the key variable my increase or decrease beyond the acceptable range. The negative feedback systems requires Receptors to detect changes of the homeostasis, A control centre to take in all the information and process of the response and effectors to reverse changes and to re-establish the state it was in at the beginning. Positive feedback is the opposite of the negative feedback. In a positive feedback system, the output helps to boosts the original stimulus. Heart rate The heart is controlled by the autonomic nervous system which has two

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