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Analyzing The Odyssey 1-5-05 The Odyssey, by Homer, has many different themes. This paper will be covering three concepts in particular. The first curiosity in the epic poem is the fact that Odysseus, the main character, is seen as both faithful and unfaithful to his wife. Also, the control of events in the lives of the mortals by the gods brings to light the concept of limited free will. And last, the language of different scenarios, i.e. battles vs. joyous occasions, lends itself to glorifying deadly and gruesome struggles. Homer has a unique way of devising the plot, giving mixed signals and paradoxes, but it all just gives to the realism of this amazing piece of literature. Odysseus’ faithfulness for his wife is questionable. In the first book, you find that he is sleeping with a woman named Kalypso, a sea nymph. “Her ladyship Kalypso clung to him in her sea-hollowed caves—a nymph, immortal and most beautiful, who craved…show more content…
She cares for Odysseus and manages his life and the lives of those around him. She disguises herself as a man to encourage Telemachus to go and search for information about his father. He does. Athena disguises herself as Mentor to arrange and manipulate his journey. She even makes a sacrifice to the gods while she is disguised. Later, she disguises herself as a friend of Nausicaa to get her to go to the river. The meeting of Nausicaa and Odysseus is completely orchestrated by Athena. She also disguises Odysseus with a mist to help him find his way. She comes to him and those around him in dreams telling them what to do. When Odysseus finally makes it home, Athena disguises him as a beggar. She reveals the plan and he follows it. He uses the disguise to speak with his wife and test her. When the nursemaid recognizes him, free will, Athena occupies Penelope, not free will, to help Odysseus make sure the nurse will keep his secret. Athena predetermines most of the major events and

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