Homer's Odyssey: Book Vs. Movie

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Odyssey Movie vs. Book Sandra Gabriel Northwood University Film and literature are two media forms that are so closely related, that we often overlook the differences among them. Although there are many similarities between the two, there also remain large differences. The way the movie or book portrays themes, symbols, and the main plot are all examples of how one may differ from one another. On one hand, movies may be better at helping audiences to visualize the story, but on the other hand, books may leave room for readers to use their own imagination. Both novels and motion pictures share many parallels when it comes to story-telling, but each contains its own characteristics that are worth noting. The Odyssey, the classic epic by Homer, has been retold for centuries since it was first written. Each of these retellings differs from, one another, seeing as each version has a somewhat alternate take on the tale. This causes characters to be portrayed differently from translation to translation. After reading the retelling by W.H.D. Rouse, as well as watching…show more content…
In Rouses translation, Teiresias seems to have an extraordinary power, even above Odysseus. He gives Odysseus a detailed account on how his voyage will proceed from here, showing that he has extreme knowledge and is an amazing prophet. Overall, he seems to hold the same position as an elder would in a tribe; regarded by all as somewhat of a knowledgeable leader. Teiresias doesn’t seem to have such a powerful presence in the movie. On the contrary, the film makes him look frightening, seeing as Odysseus himself seems rather scared when he is speaking with him. I believe this may be because the movie wants to portray Odysseus as being so much more favorable than everyone else, so it would be logical to not make Teiresias appear as grand as he seems in the other

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