Homeric Shame Culture

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Name: Course: Subject: Shame culture of the Homeric’: Over taking the modern American culture! For decades now it would be assumed or somehow believed that the American modern culture stands unique or rather substantial in its own appearance. However this may be proved not right or wrong based on the level of influence that the Homeric shame culture has over it. Many republics around the world are on the focus of immigration from the neighboring areas, however the most desirable is the US. Have you ever questioned why? US is the land of dreams; no matter how difficult the immigration rules are, individuals will do whatever it takes to reach it. Currently, the American culture is constantly changing due to the mix of races and introduction of cultures. The Homeric shame culture group’ has influenced American culture in many factors, but mainly in food, art as well as language. Considering the various changes that have been observed in the span of few years, a lot of things have changed noticeably in in ne to the things that I have mentioned. Cultures since the Homer's time have built social and personal lives on mechanisms of meaning very changed from the punitive demands of the warrior code; however the ongoing power of the work shows just how strongly the significance of that ancient way of living still communicates to the human imagination. Culture is dynamic at the same time cannot stand on its own. It keeps on changing with time no matter where as well as how complex it may appear to be. In this paper I shall attempt to demonstrate that Homeric shame culture has directly influenced the modern American culture. In consideration of the two that is the Homeric culture and the American culture. I hope to show that the shame culture, holding all other factors constant have in a large influenced and rather diluted the American modern culture. But in our
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