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Rage and Dishonor Book 1: Rage was one of the top theme in this poem which lead to numerous deaths throughout the Trojan War. But first the start of the war began with Agamemnon refuses Chryses' (priest of Apollo) appeal for return of his daughter Chryseis who was held captive as ransom during the war. Chryses prays to Apollo for a plague upon the Greeks because he had dishonored Chryses. Throughout this plague there became a conflict between Agamemnon and Achilles. Both were two great Greek warriors but Achilles was known was the greatest to ever live. When Agamemnon heard why Apollo was killing almost the entire army due to the mistreatment of Chryseis he decided offers to return Chryseis in exchange for Achilles' captive and prize of war, Bryseis. Achilles became so angry that he almost killed Agamemnon because of his selfish way. But decided to give way to Athena's advice (gods vs. mortals). While Odysseus returns Chryseis and her father sacrifices to Apollo, Achilles prays to immortal mother, Thetis, for revenge against Agamemnon for taking away his prize of war. So she repeats the prayer to Zeus asking him to do her a favor that he owed her. Achilles' wished that Zeus will cause the Trojans to attack the Greek ships before Agamemnon reenters battle. A fall out spreads to the gods, as Zeus threatens Hera because she is being insecure and believes that he needs to stop holding secrets. Her son, Hephaestus, urges her to submit to Zeus's will because they cannot face his wrath. Book II: Zeus sends a dream of Nestor to Agamemnon saying, “Arm your long-haired Greeks. Now is your time to capture Troy. The Olympian gods are no longer divided; Hera has bent them all to her will And targeted Troy for sorrow from Zeus”(pg.21). Agamemnon thought about it and decided to tests the Greeks by urging them to cut their losses by sailing home; Odysseus, warned by

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