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Homeric Warriors Shaping Greek Populace Homer is believed to be the originator of the major conventions of epic poetry and a key player to creating legends that eventually led to traditions. “During the Archaic Age, the Greeks produced some of the greatest literature of the Western heritage.” (The Western Humanities, Pg. 44) While Homer has been considered many things, a lot of people believe that Homer’s epics shaped and molded the behavior of future generations of Greeks because of the work that he did in entertaining every audience that he had, and wherever he went. Homer’s poetry is well known and circulated across nations as people began to tell his epics over and over again. He was an entertainer for all to see and while he loved what he did, the people loved him even more. Homer had two famous epics that circulated the nation and was told by many. The two epics were the Iliad and the Odyssey. Both were backdrop stories of the Trojan war, before and after, how it came about and how it ended. Iliad described the battle for Ilium (Troy), and the Odyssey gives a recap of how the Greeks defeated the Trojans. "Homer's authorship and, indeed, even his very existence are established solely by tradition." (The Western Traditions pg. 44) Homer is respected across the Greek culture and in his stories emulate the fact that Greeks are gods, heroic, and very knowledgeable people. His actions and demeanor of his characters shaped the behavior of how every Greek person in that culture wanted to be. He creates vivid images of Odysseus and Achilles showing everyone the mighty and powerful, ferocious but caring individuals and that led people to believe that were meant to follow that path of greatness as an individual leader and hero in their culture. He stood for what was right and became part of the Greek culture without knowing the impact that he was going to cause or

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