Homeostatic Imbalances Essay

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Homeostatic Imbalances Unit 1 Ashley Henson 6/24/15 Anatomy and Physiology Mrs. Turner Homeostasis is your body’s way of maintaining a stable equilibrium. This is essential to your health. When your body does not maintain this equilibrium then you are at risk for a disease. I am going to provide information on two types of disease that is caused by a Homeostatic imbalance. The first one that is really important is Hypertension. This is very dangerous if untreated. The second one is just as important this one is called diabetes. These are very important to learn about because they can lead to more serious diseases. Hypertension is your blood pressure being very elevated. This means that the blood being pumped throughout your body is pushing against your blood vessels walls too hard. Even though the body can take this for a couple of months it will eventually cause some irreversible or permanent damage to your organs. This effects your cardiovascular system. The reason that your feedback system cannot maintain homeostasis when you have this disease is because your feedback systems are either overwhelmed or they fail. The way that it can become overworked is by not getting treatment for the high blood pressure. This causes your body to continuously try to put your body back to normal. If the homeostasis balance of the body is not returned to normal then this will cause some major consequences. Some of those consequences are strokes, heart attacks and kidney disease. Hypertension is the leading cause for kidney disease. Diabetes is when your body does not produce enough insulin or it can be because your body produces too much insulin. The body system that is affected by this disease is the endocrine system. Insulin is important because this helps glucose move across the cell membranes. Which in turn gives you the energy you need to survive. Diabetes

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