Homeostasis Task 3

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|Task 3: Homeostasis and interpreting data | |Issue Date: |Group 1: 03.11.14 |Hand in date: |Group 1: 17.11.14 | | |Group 2: 03.11.14 | |Group 2: 17.11.14 | | |Group 3: 05.11.14 | |Group 3: 19.11.14 | |Assessor’s name: |Emma Humphreys | |…show more content…
You need to give evidence to support the good and bad points of the topic and then give your opinion based upon the evidence Part B a) Follow guidelines to measure heart rate; breathing rate and body temperature before and after a standard period of exercise. Using the table provided, you must; • Provide guidelines for taking the measurement • Explain safe practice when taking measurements • Record results of the measurements at regular intervals, pre exercise, during exercise and post exercise until heart rate returns to normal. b) Produce a brief that explains the following: • The pattern of exercise chosen, taking into account general health • Changes taking place within the body during and after exercise. • Witness statement to prove you have completed the activity. c) Present your data in a series of tables or charts and comment on the validity of your data. You may think about; • Reliability of results • Validity of results • The amount of readings taken • Trends and correlations identified • Errors

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