Homeostasis Essay

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P5: Explain the concept of homeostasis. M2: Discuss the probable homeostatic responses to changes in the internal environment during exercise D2: Evaluate the importance of homeostasis in maintaining the healthy functioning of the body Homeostasis is the process the body takes to keep the body in balance and ensures that there is a stable environment in which cells can function. Enzymes control the chemical processes in the body, these can be stopped, slowed down or sped up, when required if there are changes in the body, if the internal body systems aren’t maintain within a reasonable range the enzymes won’t be able to work. Different body systems work together to maintain efficient body functions. Homeostasis mechanisms control the body temperature, breathing rate, heart rate, blood glucose levels and many more. The body gives two types of feedback within the body – Negative feedback and Positive feedback. The internal environment is everything that consists within the body everything within the body must be kept within a certain range to allow the cells within the body to still function. Negative feedback is used when the body detects changed in the body and corrects them. These are the steps, Receptors in the nervous system detect a change in the body, Impulses are sent to the control centre, often the brain, and then impulses are sent from the effectors to counteract the change. The body regular monitors these corrections to ensure they don’t go too far and once the corrections have been made the changes made will stop. Positive feedback is quite rare in humans because the body pushes any change onwards and doesn’t bring it back to a normal level. An example of positive feedback is childbirth where the stimulation of uterine muscles continues and results in ‘bust’ the birth of a baby. This is a short-term mechanism. Temperature control:
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