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Homeostasis Essay

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To discover the effect that various levels of exercise have on specific body parameters.

Exercise causes many homeostatic factors to kick in, in an effort to maintain internal homeostasis. How exercise affects some of these homeostatic factors can be determined by measuring and observing certain parameters such as:
  * Change in skin color on face
  * Perspiration Level
  * External Body Temperature
  * Heart Rate
  * Breathing Rate

In the following lab, 1 member of your group of 2-3 will exercise for 8 minutes. The parameters listed above will be recorded at rest and then every 2 minutes, for 8 minutes total, and then 1 minute after exercise has stopped.

  * If you change the level of exercise then your body parameters will change
Experimental Design
  * IV: Level of exercise
  * DV: Body parameters (body color, heart rate, breathing rate,   sweating, and temperature.
  * Control Group: At rest
  * Experimental group: body parameters while exercising
  * Constants: Exercise, person, and time spend exercising

  * Thermometer
  * Stop watch
  * Ethanol
  * Cotton Balls

Lab Safety
  * Sharp objects
  * Biohazard
  * proper disposal
  * Clean the thermometer
  * No horse play
  * Do not over exert

  1. Each group should obtain: a thermometer and a stop-watch.
  2. Record the resting observations and values of your subject for each of the 5 parameters.
      a) Record normal skin color of hands and face (i.e., pale, pink, red etc.)
      b) Record normal perspiration level (i.e. none, mild, medium, high)
      c) Record external body temperature by placing the thermometer under the subjects arm pit for 1 minute.
      d) Record the resting heart rate.
      e) Determine the breathing rate by counting the number of breaths taken in 1 minute.
  3. Have your...

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