Homeostasis Essay

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Changes within the body during exercise Blood sugar During exercise the blood sugar level goes down because the body is using and burning energy so that the individual’s body can keep worked up. This is because the glucose provides the energy for the body. Individuals who are diabetic may experience this more often, which is because the sugar which they have stored within their body from before gets used quicker though the exercise they carry out. The glucose is detected in the pancreas. As the glucose levels drop the nutrients stored within the cells and liver get used as a backup so that the individual’s sugar levels can go back to the normal levels. The liver also contains the sugar which releases it into the bloodstream. This is why it shows that homeostasis takes place with negative feedback so that the individual’s body can work in the right way. The diagram shows that the liver releases the glucose into the blood stream again so that the individual’s sugar levels can go back to normal. Heart rate and Breathing rate As individuals exercise the heart and breathing rate start to increase rapidly. This happens as the blood flow circling rushes though the body and speeds up. The individuals breathing will start becoming harder and faster because of the rate of the body functions, also the individual will therefore breathe in more oxygen into their body than usual. The increased in blood levels causes the cheeks to go red, due to the body temperature to increase and the exercise being driven. When individuals exercise, the muscles need more oxygen to cope with the increased levels of activity. This is because the oxygen is used up quicker, by working muscles, and so becomes carbon dioxide much faster and therefore the breathing rate needs to increase itself. During exercise, the individuals breathing will increase itself. Cellular respiration involves

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