Homeostasis Essay

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Hormones State what are hormones and endocrine glands Hormones * Chemical substance * Produced by a ductless gland(endocrine gland) * Carried by the blood * Alters the activity of one or more specific target organs * Destroyed by the liver Endocrine glands * Ductless glands * No duct tubes to carry their secretion away, secretion carried away by blood Describe the general role of hormones in the human body * Control growth, metabolism * Homeostasis Name the main endocrine organs in the body and the hormones released and their functions Pituitary Gland * Anterior lobe produces Somatotropic hormone (stimulates growth) * Dwarfism occurs when too little is secreted and gigantism occurs when too much secreted * Posterior lobe produces Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) which controls volume of urine produced by the kidney and Oxytocin for milk production and child birth Thyroid Gland * Produces thyroxine which regulates metabolic rate, ensure normal growth and mental development * Undersecretion-slow and sluggish, feeble-minded, simple goiter * Oversecretion-irritable, restless, nervous, gland enlarged Gonads * Produces hormones that control development of male or female sexual characteristics * Male hormone-testosterone, female hormone-oestrogen and progesterone Adrenal Gland * Produces adrenaline under conditions of fear, anger and anxiety Explain the role of insulin and glucagon in the maintenance of constant blood glucose level through the negative feedback mechanism Effects of insulin * Increases permeability of cell membranes to glucose hence increased uptake of glucose by all body cells * Causes the conversion of excess glucose to glycogen(glycogenesis) for storage in the liver and muscles * Increases the rate of oxidation of glucose to produce energy in tissue respiration *

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