Homelessness Public Policy

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Running head: Homelessness and Public Research Paper Homelessness and Public Policy Chapter 1 – Introduction In attempting to address the issue of homelessness in America, researchers and advocates agree the reaching an agreement on the definition of homelessness is the first obstacle in tackling the problem. According to Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary, homelessness is defined as having no home or permanent place of residence (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/homelessness. The first of several problems in defining homelessness in the ambiguity in that the word can be used in substantially different ways that leads to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the homelessness. The second problem lies…show more content…
Without question poverty is attributed as the dominate reason in homelessness, but if the goal of policy to stabilize permanent residence, than other factors can effect the likelihood of homelessness such as: prior history, change in marital status, single parenthood, the foster care system, correctional institution confinement, mental hospitalization and lack of support circle. Advocates suggest that homelessness should be viewed in two categories of problems. The first category consists of those individuals living in crisis poverty where homelessness is a disruption in lives marked by a hardship. In these instances make shift accommodations such as shelters or family are sought out and are viewed as temporary. Unfortunately the housing problems in the manifestation of the underlying problem resulting from lack of education, low end wages and employment, insufficient job skills, life skills management all which strengthening if finding and maintaining housing is to be…show more content…
But in the midst of all the downtown construction, the failure of the banking industry, housing market and unemployment has hit the Charlotte region hard which will begin to unveil the mask. As the city has developed a ten-year plan to address the issue, Charlotte like most cities has failed to provide affordable housing in the mist of serge urban city dwelling. In its attempt to draw persons/families to live downtown, affordable housing has been demolished and persons moved to the outer suburbs which lack the recourses these persons need to maintain their livelihoods. With the lack of federal and state funds and declining local revenues, there is little innovative policy on the horizon as another vulnerable population may fall through the cracks in the richest country in the

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