Effects Of Homelessness

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The past decade has seen an increased awareness of homelessness as a huge social problem not only in Ireland but all over the word. Homelessness can be caused by many different factors and can be seen as “…..one of the most acute forms of social exclusion and can affect individuals, families with children, young and old.” (http://www.icsh.ie/eng/policy/homelessness) This essay will define homelessness and the difficulty that comes with it as it is such a broad social issue. It will deal with the many factors that could lead to a person becoming homeless, along with the psychological and emotional impact it can cause a person. It will also focus on the various agencies out there for the homeless and the legislation that has been put in place…show more content…
(Edgar, B; et al, 1999) Structural factors would be changes in the economy which may affect levels of poverty and unemployment which can lead to poor housing. Institutional factors would be seen if a person had been institutionalised for a period of time i.e. prison, and were released and unable to find their feet. The breakdown of a relationship could cause a person to find themselves homeless. Finally, personal issues may affect a person in such a way that they somehow end up homeless. There are many factors that can lead to a person becoming homeless and each person has a different story to tell. Whatever may be the reason for a person becoming homeless, it is the issues that arise from being homeless that are the crucial aspect. Homelessness can have many affects on a persons wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Being out of home can have many implications to a persons health. As they are vulnerable and often may not have the resources to provide food or shelter for themselves they are leaving themselves open to a lot of preventable infections and diseases, be it a common flu or HIV. (http://www.focusireland.ie/files/docs/effects%20-%20link.pdf) This high level of vulnerability could result in early onset of death and high mortality rates. Crisis believe that “Homeless people die younger. The average age of death of those recorded as homeless on corners varies between 42 and 53 years.” (Crisis,
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