Homelessness Essay

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1. Homelessness You see it every day: people in ragged clothes, apparently without a place to live in, sometimes begging and sometimes just desperately gazing into space. You probably thought at least once: stupid drunks and beggars, it´s their own fault, if they tried they would get a job. But the fact is that homelessness is seldom their own fault, and it can easily happen to everybody. You just have to lose your job and your space to live in and before you know it your life is one big downward spiral. Similar things have happened to the estimated 354 000 people without a home in Germany. Even though asylum, peoples in substitute flats and people in emergency are included, that still leaves 22 000 people who live on the streets and aren’t caught by the allegedly secure social system in 2010. These people sleep in public areas, beneath bridges or in house entrances. Their life expectancy in Germany is 46, 5 years, that’s 30 years beneath the average. This is due to many reasons, but one of the biggest is the lack of medical care. Because of this, even relatively harmless illnesses like colds, can become life threatening. In very cold winters like the last one, homeless people suffer gravely. From 1991 to 2004, 225 homeless people in Germany died of frostbite. Homeless people in poor countries often sink into delinquency due to their severe material shortages. So if the rate of homeless people increases, like it has in the last five years, it could even have negative consequences for all of us. But a bigger problem than criminality of homeless people is the criminality in form of violence against harmless people. Some juveniles seem to have made a sport out of torturing homeless people by beating them up, sometimes even to the point of death. These crimes are often committed by right-wing extremists, who believe that homeless people are useless to society.

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