Homeless Today Essay

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Haryo Bhawiko English 1 Professor Phillips L K Draft 2 09/27/07 Homeless Today Today, homelessness is a big problem that happens everywhere in the world. It can have some different meanings depending from the views. In the book, both authors, Barbara Lazear Ascher and Anna Quindlen, both explored the world of homeless. They have different opinions about homeless people. In fact, both authors also have some the same opinion. Homelessness can be happening to anyone. Barbara Lazear Ascher is more to explore how homelessness exists. She tries to understand why people keep giving the homeless people money or foods. Is it because the people have sympathy or try to get rid of the homeless people? Trying to compare the homeless people to us is what Ascher was doing. “We cannot deny the existence of their helpless as their presence grows. It is impossible to insulate ourselves against what is at our every doorstep” (Ascher 173). By taking examples from the Greek tragedy about falling heroes, she is trying to tell us that falling heroes tragedy can also happen to anyone. She believes that we can also be one of the homeless people. From the Ascher’s view, the homelessness is seemed as a path that can happen to anyone in the world. Anna Quindlen indicated that the word “homeless” doesn’t mean do not have a home but a house. One day, she met a homeless that was actually someone who had had a house before. Like Ascher, Quindlen also tried to tell us that homelessness can happen to anyone in the world. “We turn an adjective into a noun: the poor, not poor people; the homeless, not Ann or the man who lives in the box or the woman who sleeps on the subway” (Quindlen 178). Quindlen has a different point of view of homelessness. Quindlen sees that homeless means have no house. The two authors explored the world of homeless which enable them to give their opinion about it.
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