Homeless People Shouls Be Given Homes

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We Should Create Some Homeless Shelters How would you feel if you lived in the park? Even though they do not have a home, they are people too. being without a home, people without a home, or people that are of people nature, are humans as well. If you do not feel safe sleeping in public, they won’t either. Homeless people should be provided with homes. Across Sydney, there are barely any places for homeless people to stay in, nor are there many places that provide them with the essential items to life, food and water. Though the city council of Sydney have stated that they would like to end long term homelessness by 2017, this is three years away. A lot could happen within three years. In the December of 2011, dailymail.co.uk published that a homeless person can expect to die thirty years before the average human being. How would you feel about being partly responsible to one’s death. Homeless people rely on the generosity of others like the upper class, who have much more than they need. If the upper and middle class do not provide them with what they need to survive, their life is shortened. The lives of homeless people shouldn’t be decided depending on how generous we feel. Shelters should be built and food should be provided for some of them. We associate homeless people as people who are lazy and ‘cannot be bothered’ to find a g=job. Many homeless people are living on the streets because they were neglected as a child or have horrible parents. It isn’t their fault that they didn’t get an education because their parents spent all the money they had on alcohol and drugs. It isn’t their fault that they cannot get a job because they had no education. It isn’t their fault they were neglected.Every human should get a chance to prove they can be successful. We are lucky enough to be provided with this since birth. They aren’t. However, if they are living on

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