Homeless Interview

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On September 20, 2011, I interviewed a friend of mine called Sam at his home in Driftwood, Toronto. Sam has been to jail many times after he arrived in Canada. Sam was born on December 15, 1992 in a northern village called Bekwai in Ghana. This individual is a close friend of my family. He is the oldest of three children with Ghanaian background. He was only three years old when his mother migrated to Canada for a better life. He never knew his father. Either just before or just after his birth, his father disappeared from his life. Some accounts say that his father was killed; others say he abandoned his family. Sam never knew the truth about his father disappearance in life. His mother soon remarried a man from Canada who was in Ghana…show more content…
He gave his mother half of the money of twenty five thousand dollars and used some of the money to buy his first new car, Acura TL 2002. He started gaining respect from all friends and life became very enjoyable. In September 2006, Sam was driving on Jane Street and he was pulled over by police office. They requested for his ownership, insurance and driving license in which Sam mistakenly gave fake driving license to the police officers. This led the officers to search in Sam’s car. Sam was arrested on September 20, 2006 in his motor vehicle by members of the Toronto Police Service. In the course of the arrest, police officers seized drugs and two thousand dollars in Canadian currency that was located under the driver’s car mat. Sam was scheduled at youth court and was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, fraud, and production of marijuana in the Municipality at North York. He appealed the decision of the court and luckily to get a good defendant counsel the, case was dropped. He was given house arrest and suspended his license. Because the case was dropped, Sam never learnt any lesson. He started dealing with drugs some few months again. Sam went on talking about unforgettable lesson he had in his life after he completed the house…show more content…
The posted speed limit was 60 per hour and he clocked him at 96 kilometre per hour. The police officer activated the lights on her cruiser, followed his vehicle and stopped him. He approached his vehicle and told him that he had stopped him for speeding. He gave his driver’s license, proof of ownership and insurance particulars. He said the officer had his face right down inside the vehicle and he detected odour of a fresh marijuana smell. He said they had a brief conversation and the officer then returned to his cruiser to make out the provincial offences ticket. He finished writing the speeding ticket, walked back to his vehicle and issued the ticket to him. According to Sam, the officer asked him if there were any drugs in his automobile. He looked at him without making any response and he then told him, because he smells marijuana in the vehicle. Sam then told him that, he had just smoked a joint before stopping him. The police officer then asked him what was in the black bag beside him. He responded his personal items in it. He asked him if he would mind opening it because he had some concerns due to the fact that what she smelled was fresh and not burnt marijuana. Sam gave the bag to the police

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