Homeless Essay

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When you think of homeless, do you think of old men? Un-groomed? Sleeping on the street? Drug addicts? Robbing? Well this seems to be what today’s society connects with being homeless, but would you be prepared to walk and walk and walk with nowhere to go? Well that is what more than 105’000 Australians have to do each day and sometimes it is hard to tell if someone is homeless because they could look just like you, but still be struggling to get by. 54% of the 100’000 homeless are adults over 24 years of age, 10% are under the age of 12 and 36% of the homeless are aged between 12 and 24 years. Homelessness does not only affect the Male populations there is actually less male homeless than female, about 42% are Males that are Homeless and 58% are Female on top of that 18 % are of Aboriginal and Torres strait Island ethnicity and 14% come from non- English speaking backgrounds. Across our city, In Alleyways and abandoned buildings struggling for survival and sleeping rough after falling through the cracks of society are our cities homeless. They find it harder and harder to get by. These people have left their homes due to many different reasons. Some reasons and percentages of homelessness are; Domestic and family violence (22%) , Eviction/previous accommodation ended (11%) , Relationship/family breakdown (11%), Usual accommodation unavailable (11%), Financial Difficulty (10%) and one of the biggest causes is Poverty. about 28% of Australians live Below the poverty Line and approximately 38% of those people don’t just have to take care of themselves they have to take care their families too. And those who are pushed aside from society are searching just not for food, shelter and clothing but what they really need comes not from materiel possessions but it comes from society they are looking for hope, empathy, compassion, hospitality and strength from

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