Homeland Security Weaknesses

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1. List the strengths and weaknesses for your perspective of each of the following. Homeland Security in General The FDA’s ability to protect our food supply The FDA attempts to oversee the safety, effectiveness, and marketing of foods, drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics. The strength of the system is that without it there would be no regulation at all. It has different laws that are made in order to prevent, treat or help diagnose disease. Different acts have been passed throughout the years have banned false or misleading statements on food, drugs, medical device and cosmetic labels. Laws have also enforced that the drugs must be proven to be effective before it is marketed. Other laws have made it illegal for a product not to have…show more content…
Homeland Security is responsible for cyber security, border security, counterterrorism, emergency preparedness and immigration. I believe Homeland Security is very strong in cyber security, emergency preparedness. I believe the border patrol department of Homeland Security is fairly strong and very effective in their role of protecting our waterways and regulating immigration. The fact that there hasn’t been much of a threat of an immigration overflow or terrorism on out waters, I believe not only comes from having personnel in place, not also from the fact that the majority of the personnel are armed. Armed security will more than likely always be a deterrent for terrorism which is a strong reason why I believe our border patrol is a major strength in the Department of Homeland Security. On the contrary, I believe the transit security department in Homeland Security is fairly weak. Our airport security is not as tough or as strict as it should be since 9/11. I believe airport security was extremely lax and weak before 9/11, began to strengthen for a few years post 9/11, but never really reached the level I believe it should be at now, almost 10yrs since that day. I firmly believe all TSA personnel should not only be thoroughly screened and evaluated, but trained and armed after successful completion of training and evaluation. I say this because it would…show more content…
Since this time, the Department of Homeland Security has done a great job in protecting this nation against terrorism through transit security and border patrol and also serving its purpose in regulating immigration, cyber security and providing aid to victims of natural disasters. I do believe, however, this department is better suited to prevent domestic terrorism rather than foreign terrorism. I believe Homeland Security is more than capable of preventing any form of domestic terrorism. The Department of Homeland Security is definitely beneficial to America’s safety but I do not believe it is prepared for another 9/11. Terrorist are very smart and very skilled when it comes to planning mass amounts of chaos and loss of life. Terrorist are also unrelenting and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of terrorizing other nations. Our border security would fare pretty well against a terrorist attack, but our airport security , in my opinion, is weak and not at all prepared or secure enough to prevent another 9/11, especially if the attack is done on a grander

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