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Artwork critique On April 20th, I went to the art exhibition entitled Homecoming: Painting by William "Skip" Lawrence. This exhibition took place at The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center. It was composed of William Lawrence paintings which are nude response to many years of works, experience and joy of return to a beloved place. The happy colors and the women grace reflect by his work immerse the viewer into a colorful dream. The lighting in the exhibit was very bright, and I was able to see these paintings very well. The painting size I am writing about is 40x60 inch. It's a portrait (nude) of a young lady and her black dog in the background. The lady is the first center of interest and the dog is the second one, both proportions share a good amount of space on the canvas. The artist used the basic shape to express his personage form, and there is not enough accuracy. The happy colors showed by the artist let see his joy of drawing the personage, or the joy that characterize the personage. Although the shapes are basic, you can see the movement of the lady looking at her dog, making the painting is expressive enough. By using more light colors than dark, the artist shows his perception of the personage as somebody who is happy, somebody that share her joy and somebody left him a…show more content…
First of all, this drawing is from modern art; the difference is that people today can express their work on drawing without need of accuracy or without showing a small shape. Sometimes they just wanted to express the general ideal by the basic shape. In the past, they were trying to make art as accurate as they can, and today the art is already known, so they put more accents on artwork full emotions. The point of this artwork is that the viewer uses his own mind and tries to imagine and explain what the message is, between the lady's and the dog

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