Homecoming Bruce Dawe Poem Analysis

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Effective poets communicate human emotion and thought. Contemporary Australian poet ,Bruce Dawe, achieves this by exploring society’s vulnerabilities and downfalls in differing contexts. His experience of poverty and instability as a child during the Depression and later his involvement in the Vietnam War provide the motivation for his expression. Whether conveying the cruel outcomes of war in his poem “Homecoming “ or poverty resulting in restlessness in “Drifters”, Dawe expresses the emotion of all ages clearly reflected from his own thoughts. Further, by analysing Dawe’s use of poetic devices such as mental imagery, symbolism, repetition and subject matter, the relevance of his poetry to all people is proven. Bruce Dawe’s poem “Drifters” supports Thomas Hardy’s premise that poetry engages people, places and time. Through the use of a detached perspective, subject matter and contrasting mental imagery, the reader identifies with the life of a family constantly on the move due to economic hardship. “ Drifters” is told in third person from a detached perspective and without judgement. The woman/ wife is nameless and passive as “she won’t even ask why they’re…show more content…
“Homecoming” is told in third person voice and is rich with poetic devices. There is true irony in the symbolic title “Homecoming” as the soldiers most definitely do not return in celebration. The repetitive ”home, home, home” conveys the soldiers wish and emotional ties.”They’re zipping them up in green plastic bags” provides grim mental imagery as well as evoking a sense of horror and anguish. The paradox at the poem’s end "they're bringing them home, now, too late, too early" supports the notion of a senseless loss of life. This is a universal theme relevant to all ages as most everyone has had experience with death and
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