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Choose a Data Structure technique discussed in the class and    do a thorough library research to respond to the following questions:
• Why is your choice important in Software Engineering?
• How does it work? (detailed explanation of how it functions)

Searching technique
Computer systems are often used to store large amounts of data from which individual records must be retrieved according to some search criterion. Thus the efficient storage of data to facilitate fast searching is an important issue. In this section, we shall investigate the performance of some searching algorithms and the data structures which they use.
Sequential Searches
Let's examine how long it will take to find an item matching a key in the collections we have discussed so far. We're interested in:
  * the average time
  * the worst-case time and
  * the best possible time.
However, we will generally be most concerned with the worst-case time as calculations based on worst-case times can lead to guaranteed performance predictions. Conveniently, the worst-case times are generally easier to calculate than average times.
If there are n items in our collection - whether it is stored as an array or as a linked list - then it is obvious that in the worst case, when there is no item in the collection with the desired key, then n comparisons of the key with keys of the items in the collection will have to be made.
To simplify analysis and comparison of algorithms, we look for a dominant operation and count the number of times that dominant operation has to be performed. In the case of searching, the dominant operation is the comparison, since the search requires n comparisons in the worst case, we say this is a O(n) (pronounce this "big-Oh-n" or "Oh-n") algorithm. The best case - in which the first comparison returns a match - requires a single comparison and is O(1). The average time depends on the probability that the key will be found in the collection - this is something...

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