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Home vs House Essay

  • Submitted by: Fishstyx1995
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: English
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Tyler Fisher
Sarah Stearns
English 1301 – Tuesday, 6:00 PM
1 November 2013
Home Sweet Home
Most people don't take the time to stop and compare a house to a home. Yes, my house is where I live; but its not my home. A house and a home consist of a Bedroom(s), Bathroom (s), and a Kitchen. It is the place we live and usually do not make our living.
I live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house; where I spend most of my time when Im not at work, or school. I pay rent to the owner of this building and have no prior memories attached to this place or this neighborhood. It is where I eat, sleep, and shower; I also spend time with many friends and my dog. This house has all the things I need to survive each day and live the nice simple life I live. However, this place isn't my home and never will be; but it serves as a great house.
Home is a very broad term that could describe a whole entire town! On the other hand it could describe a location of one, or all of your family. It could describe a hundred different places, and no matter how big or small; we all know exactly where home is and can think of what home is to us.
My home is with my family and friends, the more the merrier; but also my home is my mothers house and probably always will be. When I think of home I hear a lot of noises; such as kids toys, t.vs, dogs running around, and always laughing! The sounds mean a lot because everyone is home and doing what makes them happy. My moms cooking, and you can hear the food sizzling. My brothers and sisters are playing with toys and video games, while my stepdad is trying to watch t.v, the dogs are running around happy to see each other. However, the smells are ever more intoxicating then the sounds! I can smell the best food that exist in the world, I can smell candles and it seems so fresh and light. I can smell my sweaty brother if he gets too close, also baby powder on my sister when she greets my leg with a hug! My home is also with my father and my friends when...

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