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Ann Munroe 03/10/2014 Engl. 55 Mr. Spjute Home Sweet Home Fresno and Seattle are two very different places, but they both have something in common. Fresno and Seattle have three seasons in a year. Fresno’s seasons are; Spring, summer, and fall. While Seattle has; Spring, fall and winter. Fresno is mostly dry and hot, making the air stale and hard to breathe. The sun is out most of the year. You can wear short sleeve shirts and a light jacket no matter what you are doing or where you are going. During the spring, you just want to stay outside because this is the best type of weather in Fresno. Not too hot, just right. Seattle can be cold and wet. You have to be careful in this type of climate because mold can grow so much easier and cause breathing problems. You have to bundle up more in Seattle and always carry an umbrella. Sometimes, the weatherman can say partly cloudy and no rain. Then the next thing you know, you are caught up in a passing shower that was never mentioned when you watched the weather report that morning. Spring really happens anywhere between June and August in Seattle. You can finally shed those thick socks and long sleeve shirts. The weather is just right. You can open your windows and doors for the best fresh air you have ever breathed into your lungs, unless you have climbed to the top of a mountain before. Fall happens in both Fresno and Seattle the same way. There isn’t, too many differences. The air gets colder. The trees change colors and lose their leaves. The only difference is that once September 1st hits in Seattle the rain comes and the winds start blowing. Fall doesn’t come to Fresno until late October. You can still have barbecues and eat outside at this time of the year. The family entertainment in these two places can be different and yet the same. There are so many more family oriented

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