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Home Sweet Home Anthony Batista A few years ago, my wife and I took a scenic trip through 4 states--California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. The motivation for this trip was an article I read on the internet about must-see places in the US. We planned various stops along the way over a 4-day period. In particular, were stops at Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater (otherwise known as Barringer Crater). From the picturesque peaks and valleys of Zion; the tapestry earth tones of Bryce Canyon; the grandiose landscape of the Grand Canyon and finally to the historical significance of the Meteor Crater, each spectacular in their right. The natural beauty was simply beyond words. God’s creation was on display. Man would not dare take credit for such magnificence. To imagine otherwise would be tantamount to sheer ignorance. No sire! Our only role was that of a bystander. A no-brainer observation…or so it would seem. Alas, there are many who believe the contrary. Environmentalists or as Russ Limbaugh would say “environmentalist wackos” believe mankind possesses the ability to influence our climate. In other words, we can control the Earth. They believe our planet is in serious trouble due to years of abuse and neglect. They demand a call to action to change our “evil” ways, before it’s too late. Extremists contend the damage caused by man is irreparable and that’s only a matter of time before global Armageddon is unleashed. They point to a myriad of scientific evidence to support their claim that human activities are adversely impacting the climate. Evidence such as deterioration of the ozone layer, melting glaciers, deforestation, rising ocean levels along coastal areas and unhealthy ecosystems just to name a few. In the article “Common Climate Change Myths” (Mauk 524-527), the National Park Service (NPS) dispels

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