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Vasquez, Isis Home, Sweet Home There is a certain amount of stigma associated with living at home especially after a certain milestone age. By a particular age, we are expected to begin to stand on our own two feet and the first thing to do is to fly away from the nest. However, like everything else in life, the choice is never that straightforward. Nothing is that simple. Once we are on our own we need to pay rent, and money for rent can often be considered gone money. It really counts for nothing and could have better uses like saving for our own place. Once we are paying rent it is hard to make savings, sometimes we end up borrowing money from our parents or friends, or asking for an early check at work. Whatever the case is, it can be very difficult to save money. On the other hand, when we live at our parents’ home it is such a blessing because it cuts our living expenses drastically, not only in rent but bills and groceries too, allowing for some of life’s little luxuries such as going in a two weeks’ vacation. That is something that we cannot always do by living on our own. Some things can only be taught through experience; independence is one of them. No matter how much you do yourself, how much you contribute to the household, there will always be general areas that your parents do automatically. Chances are you will not even be aware of them until they are or are not done for you. Living away from home is one of the hardest lessons that most people experience. But living away from home teaches us that life is not easy, and we start to make our rules and chose what is convenient and what is not. By living in our own we decide who is welcome in our place and who is not, when people can come and go. We live as we please, we decide how we want our place to look, and we can have a beautiful and lovely place or can have a dirty, ugly and disorganized

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