Home Schooling vs. Public Education Essay

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Home schooling Vs. Public education Pg 1. One of the toughest decisions that you will face as a parent is that you have to decide where to send your children to school. When deciding how their children should get their education, there are many factors parents should consider relating to home schooling and public education, depending on the parent one of the two ways of getting the child’s education could work better than the other. The parent’s would have to decide which one would work out best for their house hold, based on if they would prefer home schooling or public education. To start off with, explaining both the pros and cons of public education. One of the pros are that you have more opportunities in public schools, then you do when you are home schooled. For example, you get to have the option of riding the school bus. Also you are not always stuck at home. You get to experience more than your parents and your home. Another pro of public schooling is you get to have better social interactions, because when you are home schooled you do not get to meet near as many people as you do when you attend public schools. When you are home schooled you are only around the people that are in your household while you are getting your education. Whereas when you attend public schools, you get to meet your teacher or teachers, the principal, your fellow class mates, and the other student in the school. One of the cons of attending public schools is the issue of having more students to teacher ratio, and for some students that can be a problem, because they need more of a one-on-one learning environment to understand what is taught to them. Having distractions can be a major problem for them and cause them to fail at their education. No parent wants that for their child.

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