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Home school or Public school? Education in the public schools seems to be on a downward spiral due to the increased failure to teach the basic academic skills needed for students to graduate high school and move on to college or other higher educations. So much so that many parents are taking on the task of educating their children to their standards by home schooling them. Although many people still believe that public education is more suitable because of the social interaction and structured learning, many are turning to home schooling . Home schooling affords the parent with the advantage of being able to control what their children are learning, be it academic or social. Public schools seem to be losing control over their teachings. Many people believe that the very standards that our country was founded on have been lost to bureaucracy and red tape formalities. Public schools now teach the theory of evolution rather than about the creation and this may be due to the removal of God and prayer in the public schools. Public education enables the social development of a child through extracurricular activities such as band, sports, and various clubs where they can learn the co-operation and communication skills needed in the “real” world. Public schooling offers the opportunity to expand social development because students interact with different kinds of people who have their own opinions, ideas, and come from different backgrounds. The public school curriculum has gaps in it that cannot be closed due to time restraints and overcrowding of classrooms that prevent the individualized attention some children need. This forces the child who is lagging behind to push on even though they have not mastered the skills that they need to understand the class work that is put before them. Parents who home school have the advantage of being able to incorporate

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