Home Hospice Care

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Home Hospice Care: The Better Alternative Caring for people while they are dying takes a compassionate and caring person during what is an extremely sensitive and difficult time. Home Hospice Care’s (HHC) sole purpose is to treat those who are nearing the end of their lives in the comfort of their own home. Patients do not have extra money to spend on expensive 24-hour institutional care, and it should not be when Medicare covers home hospice care. Hospice provides the peace of mind that people want when going through such a difficult time. There is a support system built in with HHC which is designed to help the patient and their family, as well as providing other health benefits. Unlike treatment in a hospital where life saving measures could be exhausted, an article written by the Mayo Clinic states “the goal of hospice care is to provide the highest quality of life possible for whatever time remains” (Mayo Clinic). Home hospice offers the patient and their family more advantages than an inpatient institution, such as personal advantages, health advantages and economic advantages, which make home hospice the wiser choice. There are many advantages of hospice care for a dying patient trying to cope with the end of life decisions. While utilizing hospice care, patients are under the care of one nurse, a nurse who will be with the patient from the time care is initiated until they die. In some cases, this nurse will be the listening ear for the patient’s fears of dying that the patient may not be able to share with their loved ones. Hospice care provides a support group for the patient to rely on from admission. Once the patient is admitted into the hospice program, patients join a support group that is there for them until the very end. This support group includes a social worker, a chaplain, and the patient’s nurse who assists with the patient’s everyday care.
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