Home Depot's Financial Statement Analysis

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Home Depot’s Financial Statement Analysis Introduction In 1978 a couple of interested men started Home Depot Inc. who is Arthur Black and Bernie Marcus. The two men needed someone to invest in them and their idea so they found Ken Langone an investment banker from after that the three manned team needed someone to help them understand merchandising and handle that part of the business so Pat Farah got on board and these three all very skillful in their section of the business took Home Depot Inc. and made it into the world’s largest home improvement retailer based upon fiscal year 2014 at 5.4 billion in net sales. Having so many locations in so many different countries, Home Depot owns over 2,200 locations just in the United States and globally they own stores in the Virgin Islands, Guam, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Home depot stores have an average of 105,000 square feet per store with an approximate additional square feet of 23,000 that covers the huge garden area on the outside of the store. Home Depot’s inventory equals to over 40,000 different types of material for home building and basically building of any kind, also including beautiful and decorative materials and major appliances. To go with the garden area outside, Home Depot sells lawn care equipment and supplies from weed whips to weed eater. Advertising competitiveness in their pricing Home Depot will match any price from any store that has the same product for less. Not just offering materials but help too, Home depot offers how-to clinics for ideas in the home ranging from complex to simple ideas. From there the company also offers contracting services they lay carpet, put tile up, and put windows in, offer rental trucks for moving and many other great services. Deferred Tax Assets and/or Deferred Tax Liabilities

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