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Home Depot would be a good choice for the internship program at Daniel University’s Business School. Home Depot is a reputable corporation with a proven business record, a commitment to social responsibility, and a corporate culture based on employee feedback. SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS RECORD Home Depot is the largest and highest grossing home improvement retailer in the world. Home Depot has nearly 500 more stores than its largest competitor, Lowe’s, and in terms of revenue earned almost $20 billion more than Lowe’s in 2010. This dominance in the home improvement market demonstrates the business’ success, which is even more impressive when comparing the financial data between Home Depot and the market since the beginning of the current United States recession. Since 2007, the stock prices of the home improvement market have dropped more than 20 percent while the price of Home Depot stock has only dropped 16 percent. This ability to minimize losses in economic turmoil is an excellent demonstration of corporate leadership and planning which are characteristics we should look for in companies for our internship program. COMMITMENT TO SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Home Depot views tradeoffs between socially responsible goals and business goals as a win-win situation. When an environmental or social issue arises, whether from customers or the public, Home Depot addresses the situation by implementing a solution and reducing costs in other areas with the understanding that what is important to the customer is important to the business. For instance, when issues over the lack of play spaces for children arose in 2005, Home Depot partnered with KaBOOM by investing $25 million to start a volunteerism effort to build children’s playgrounds across the United States. To budget the initiative, Home Depot did not attempt to directly measure the impact of this action on brand,

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