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Dorjkhand Bazarragchaa ENGL 101 August 31, 2015 My home Home is the place where your heart is. This old saying makes my heart smile as I miss home. It is the place where I spent my childhood and created beautiful memories with my family. The value of the things you have you never know until you lose or you are apart from it. As I close my eyes I imagine coming into my apartment and feeling of that moment comes into my mind. Home is comfortable, relaxing and unique. Comfort is what we seek in everything in our life. When we go out, when we sit in the classroom, when we wear clothes we expect them to be comfortable, but what is comfort? For me home is perfection of comfort almost for everybody. Everything you see is familiar they are all connected to the precious memory you have. We have this big red sofa in the living room that we sit every evening watch news and movies together. It is really comfortable with many soft pillows on it. At home you know exactly where everything is. Even if you’re blindfolded you know because you walked thousands of time in there. There is nothing that will bother you or make you feel insecure. You are home. You can do whatever you want. Nothing will keep you from doing things you enjoy. Home is relaxing place for you. It is your own territory. You don’t share it with strangers. You don’t have to worry about things. It is the place where your family is. For me home is the safest place in the world. My room is really special to me. It has a really big bed with flowers on it. Wherever you sleep it won’t give you the comfort as your bed. It also has a really big mirror that makes my room feel spacious. Every apartment every place has their own unique features. For example, everyone’s place has a smell. Smell of the apartment depends on the people who live in, food that they make. They all have their unique smell. My

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