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I woke up at 7 o'clock in the morning, just like every other weekday. But today it was freezing outside, it was a stunning negative 30 degrees, and no, school was not cancelled. But it really wasn't that big of a deal since my car would be warm and the school would be warm. On top of that, it was Thursday, and my first day of my career was Monday. So I was motivated. On the way to school I had nearly crashed into a bus as my car wouldn't slow down because of black ice. It was really close, and my day was already to a great start. But when I got to school I had came to my locker filled with probably 50 balloons awaiting me. It was my 18th birthday! I've been waiting for this day since the day I was born. I just didn't know what I wanted to do, because I never really thought about it. I was just excited with the fact of being an adult. I just figured that when your turned 18 you could do everything, but in reality you can't. So, during 3rd hour autos, my friends and I decided to go to the reservation and go to my grandmas house. It was 6 hours away so we left right then and there. We didn't want to get stuck in the middle of the 5 o'clock traffic. We then got on, and started our trip. Straight to the highway we went, and we stayed on the highway for about 4 hours before I needed gas. I then got off of the highway but my car wasn't slowing down, at all. I tried staying straight and get straight back on this highway. As soon as air was getting to the bottom of the exit the light turned red and when I looked left I saw no cars. But, when I turned right there was a huge truck and it destroyed us. We were all knocked out for at least an hour, but none of us seemed to be hurt in any way. Bad news though, we had no idea where we were. We had crashed in the middle of northern Wisconsin. Everywhere you looked were trees upon trees, and it was now snowing like crazy. We had no

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