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SHARES INVESTIGATION Xiaonan Wu Shares Investigation The stock market consists of shares from different business organizations which carry out diverse economic activities. Some of the shares that are traded in the Australian stock exchange market include those of Woolworths Limited, Caltex Australia Limited and the ASX Limited. Among these listed three companies, Woolworths and Caltex Australia are relatively smaller companies compared to ASX Limited, which is one of the large corporations in Australia. However, prior to making investment decision on which shares to invest in, it is important that investors analyze the various shares available in the market to evaluate the level of risk and the expected profitability of investing in the respective investment portfolios, without necessarily just picking the ‘winners’ in the stock market. Investment Portfolio analysis If an investor had $30,000 to invest in each of the three investment portfolios; Woolworths Ltd, Caltex Australia Ltd and ASX Ltd, the returns of the investment would subsequently differ among the three investment portfolios. This would depend on the performance of the respective investment portfolios in the market and whether the investment made is for the short term or long term period. Table 1 |Date |2-Jan-2001 |2-Jan-2001 |2-Jan-2001 | |Company |Woolworths Ltd |Caltex Australia Ltd |ASX Ltd | |Purchase price (P1) |$8.41 |$2.12 |$12.83 | |Quantity |3450 |13750 |2250 | |Cost |$29652.80

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