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Home Home has many different meaning’s for people. Home is essentially a place of shelter for a person, this is not always the case though for everyone. Home is a place of love. However many secrets are kept in a house. Sometimes the secrets are big or maybe there small but they can ruin a persons home and life. For some people home is a place of beauty, sacredness, it hold’s the valuables of a person it can also hold much emotional value as well as actual worth. To people a home is where things are meant to be safe and secure, people should not have to worry about having their house broken into every night however this is sometimes the case which is really sad. People who are homeless also have a home to an extent. A home is their own personal things, the things that mean the most to them. For some people a home could be part of their memory and they can use the memories to recreate the home they wish they once had and it keeps them at peace. Sometimes home is a place of negativity, home’s where parents are divorced can be hectic due to lack of one of the adult like figures in a child’s life The home may just be strained due to stress lack of parents being there and loneliness setting in. Sometimes a home may be lonely because of the fact that either no one is ever home or the parents are always gone or the people in it are just sad. The thought of home can sometimes be overwhelming, especially around the Christmas time. It becomes all hectic and people are shouting and arguing over small thing’s because everything has to be perfect but everyone is working together because there is love for one another. Home can be hectic but that is a thing that makes it home, the chaos and the loudness is just part of the love and celebration inside one’s home. A home is family. A place where you should be accepted for everything, home creates the family and the

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