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Natalie Garcia 4-2-13 Confirmation 2 Gifts of The Holy Spirit What is the Holy Spirit, a lot of humans out in the world do question that, what is it? How does it help you? Should I even have the Holy Spirit in me? Those are all very common questions, and its perfectly normal to question. As a teenager growing to be a young adult it is pretty hard, you have school…show more content…
There are many of Gods just like him that try to do the same as what God is doing, their gift to us and to our church is that through out our generation many young adults do not pay attention to what there is to say during Mass, our during our classes of faith, which brings The Holy Spirit in it, with all the love that it provides the only duty it is trying to accomplish is to be a part of the human child soul and be in it presence to lead us to good and remove us away from its danger out in the world. It brings us peace to our minds and souls it gives us the love that one should have for many out there, to forgive and accept our mistakes or those who have offend us or our society because every human living in t he world deservers a second chance in the road of faith because God and his Holy Spirit is there to who ever is in need. The Holy Spirit can bring you love to the church and the community and as well for those who are in need or need to support of another person. In all through out all the conflict and depth of crisis that is going on, The Holy Spirit can give you the love and strength that helps you move your feet each step at a time to go on the right road of

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