Holy Discontent Essay

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Everyone possesses some characteristic that makes him or her unique, through our experiences in life this is revealed to us. More importantly, every believer possesses detailed personal strengths and uniqueness. In Bill Hybel’s Holy Discontent, every believer is challenged to identify his or her own holy discontent. If believers feed, fight, and follow their discontent they will have the opportunity to change the kingdom of God forever. If someone is unsure what their discontent may be there is an easy way to find it out. It is something that continues to stir your soul and refuses to let you go. Usually, its something that you see that has the ability to be improved and one thinks that they have what it takes to improve or take it to another level. God has placed a holy discontent in everyone’s life so that they can contribute to the changing of the world. Usually, someone is given a distinct ability to improve the area of their holy discontent. For example, I believe that I have been given the ability to use my holy discontent in ways that others are not able to do. The area in which God has gifted me is directly related to it. I happen to be given the gift of aiding in the process of leading worshippers into the presence of God in a reverent state. I am different from those who directly lead the worship, but I aid them in the process. This is related to my holy discontent which aides them. While I am perusing my calling, I have seen many areas that I can improve based on the areas that God has gifted me. We all can relate to Moses’ situation in our own unique way. He was the only one that could lead God’s people out into the Promised Land. In a much smaller scale, we can directly relate. Moses was appointed to be the only one who was capable of delivering the people. According to Hybels God is looking for someone just like us to right some of the wrong

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