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1. Bibliographical data Title: Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure Author: Sarah MacDonald Publisher: Broadway Books, a division of Random House, Inc. Publisher’s mailing address: 20 Alfred Street, Milsons Point, NSW 2061 Year of Publishing: 2003 ISBN Number: 978-0-7679-1574-8 Product dimensions: 5.17 (w) x 8.01 (h) x 0.66 (d) Format: Trade Paperback Number of pages: 304 Cost: US $14.95/ $16.95 CAN. Genre: Travel, Religion Type: Non-fiction, partially autobiography and travelogue Rating: 3.5/5 2. About the Author MacDonald grew up in Sydney and studied psychology at university. This Australian woman is a radio broadcaster, television presenter, journalist and commentator well-known for her work at the ABC’s Triple J radio station. Macdonald was the host for Morning show and several covered political events in Canberra. Coincidentally, Macdonald fell in love with a reporter, Jonathon Harley, who was stationed in New Delhi. Consequently, Macdonald left for India to reunite with her fiancé where her 2 years of spiritual journey starts. 3. Brief Summary This book tells a story of an Australian woman who backpacked through India; despised and swore to never return. However, 11 years later, her beloved fiancé convinced her otherwise. Reluctantly, Macdonald was back in Delhi again. Upon arrival in Delhi, Macdonald had a culture-shocked once again, infuriated with the surrounding and found it hard to adapt. The busiest crowd, the noise, the inhumane weather and encircling dust were too overwhelmed for her. Therefore, this author turned to inner peace which was within her. 4. Aim of the book The main objective of this book is to dig past a traveller’s first impression of India and to emphasize the beauty of this highly diverse land. The author aspires to allow readers to look beyond the chaos and dirt of India, giving a head start to appreciate the

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